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четверг, 16 декабря 2010 г.

I adore Luis

(for Christine Joy Lewis, with all my love)

I adore Luis, his christian joy.
I love his charming chaos with no solution.
His long hair beetween our kisses.

I ve propose Luis sometimes in marriage.
It must happen in Las Vegas. He in Elvis clothes, me in Marilyn´s.
His answer was, like ever, laughs.
I like his laugh. With fried chips it taste better.

Luis is a cat, over the black table
and you must to pray for him deeply
to feel his hand touching your left shoulder.

I adore Luis when he read Anonymous. His favorite writer.
When he look for the yellow bird. When he read  "i ´ve see you again".
I adore when i put him against the pillow
and Mr Unamuno fall from the bed to ground. And i love his tactict
and applaud his strategy.

¿What can we do?.
I adore Luis kissing my mouth.
I adore me bitting his lips.
I adore our chocolate´s chaos,
clothes in the ground of his chaos,
my leg´s nerve trembling of my chaos.

Definitively i adore Luis and his christian Joy.
The way he move his body on my body.
I adore me adoring him.

I have a dream since i knew him, i´m a snake
crawling around lotus with my tongue.
While i breathe, i wait.

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